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My name is Alexa Hecksel and I am a photographer based in Mid Michigan. I knew that I needed to be a photographer when I was standing on a beach in Nicaragua and I saw a person out on the rocks in the distance with his or her arms outstretched to the sky, surrounded by the ocean spray. I snatched up my camera and got the shot. To this day it is still my favorite photo. That photo encompasses everything I love about photography: pure human emotion, beauty, being able to stop time and the glory of those in the world around me.


My goal as a photographer is to show the world how you truly see yourself when you look in the mirror. Past the exterior we each see ourselves a certain way, and I want to help you share that. I want to take you back to the important moments in your life, to make time stay still, and when you look at these moments be able to say this is me.


When I ‘m not taking photos you can find me on the couch snuggling my rescue puppies Despereaux & Winnie, watching This is Us, taking a weekend road trip with my mom, or at fulfilling my status as a Maxxinista by shopping at TJ Maxx.


Still reading? Let’s connect! Shoot me an email at or head on over to my Instagram and follow me @lexyhecksel